1-one 2-two 3-three 4-four 5-five 6-six

7-seven 8-eight 9-nine 10-ten

Віршики про цифри

One, Two, Tie My Shoe

1,2 Tie my shoe
3,4 Shut the door
5,6 Pick up sticks
7,8 Lay them straight
9, 10 A big fat hen.
Let's get up and count again!

One Little Flower,
One Little Bee

One little flower, one little bee.
One little blue bird, high in the tree.
One little brown bear smiling at me.
One is the number I like,
you see.

One, two, kittens that mew,

Two, three, birds on a tree,

Three, four, shells on the shore,

Four, five, bees from the hive,

Five, six, the cow that licks,

Six, seven, rooks in the heaven,

Seven, eight, sheep at the gate,

Eight, nine, clothes on a line,

Nine, ten, the little black hen.

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