Розучуємо віршики про кольори

The bird is grey,

The sky is blue,

The tree is green,

The bush is green too.

The sun is yellow,

The cloud is white,

The butterfly is bright.

Red, yellow, pink and white.

Let’s play ball day and night!

What is …?

«What is red?», asks little Fred.

His sister says, «The rose is red.»

«What is brown?», asks little Ann.

«My hat is brown», says little Dan.

What is white, I want to know.

Milk is white and so is snow.

I see green, I see yellow.

I see that funny fellow.

I see white, I see black.

I see this, and that, and that.

I see pink, I see brown.

I stand up and I sit down.

I see red, I see blue.

I see you, and you, and you.

That is grey?

«What is grey?

Can you say?»

«Yes, I can.

My cat is grey.»

Red and yellow,

White and blue.

These beautiful flowers

Are just for you!

The frog is green, the frog is green

And so is the tree – one, two, three.

Red the rose, red the rose,

Blue the dress, blue the dress,

Grey the rat, grey the rat –

And so is the cat.

My dress is green

My dress is green,

Green, green,

So is the tree –

One, two, three!

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